A Guide to the Awe-Inspiring Ethnic Trend of 2020: Floral Prints

The floral prints are the most wondrous motifs, widely prevalent in recent times. These prints never fail to deliver an evergreen, and fresh look to one’s appearance, irrespective of the occasion. They are like this beautiful garden that is ready to bloom and flourish in every closet. In the earlier times, floral designs were only utilized in western outfits, but now they are seen in the raiment of any happiest event that takes place in parts of the world.  

A little flashback of the floral prints

The history of the floral prints began in the middle ages when the Europeans took a great interest in the 18th century period. They saw how their ancestors had used the tropical designs of what they saw around onto what they wore. Floral patterns made on cotton fabrics became the core of that period's fashion. The earliest known floral patterns were over-the-top, dense and unreal.

Zara Shahjahan Floral Suit

Meanwhile, Indians had invented what was called as the chintz, the handmade floral fabric that was made on a plain coloured garment. In the 19th century, the artistic designs of the Asian people captured the essence of the European artists, and it was replicated beautifully as floral designs of a collective bunch of flowers. After that, there was no stopping of the surge of the floral prints in every statement look.

Where do the floral prints stand now?

As the 1960’s trend of Flower Power is showcased irresistibly in all fashion shows or even in casual footwear, the florals are involved in different ways in our daily life. The attire of many weddings and ethnic festivals are the coordinated outfits of couples, siblings or even the entire family for that matter and the majority of them opt for floral motifs to be included at least in one of their accessories. Such is the influence of this beguiling patterns.

How can you embrace floral prints in ethnic wear?

We know that the floral prints have travelled from the western side to give the other side of the world the same kind of excitement and elegance that comes with flowery attires. Florals in ethnic wear are a sight to watch, but how well can they be used to incite the crowd?

1. Draping the perfect floral saree!

Fabrics like georgette, crepe and chiffon are known for their lightness and they are most ideal for the summer season. Imagine, when a bold collection of the florals are printed on a pastel or white saree (appealing, is it not?). It not only gives the outfit a lifelike image of flowers but, it also sends out a chic vibe for the vintage trend.

Tip: A solid or sequined blouse for a floral saree is the vibrant choice!

2. An interesting twist to the boring Salwar Kameez suits

Salwar suits are made to showcase how well the grace of a garment can speak volumes about someone. Made for all age groups, when these suits absorb the flowery feel in them, they dare to clear everyone out of the way. A little variation in this outfit can bring out many differences like a bow at the hem of your pants, a floral satin lining at the neckline or even a high neck blouse.                        

3. Straight Kurtis and plain palazzo pants, an unbeatable ensemble

Cotton or Silk Kurtis are quite sought after all year round. It is a go-to outfit for any part of the day, and they can be customized in many ways too. Floral Kurtis along paired with a cute pair of flared pants can make a sweet impression but when mixed and matched with a floral printed dupatta or shawl, the radiance and pure beauty of your outfit will remain unmatched.  

4. The speciality of the Gharara

Born in Lucknow, Gharara is like the new age palazzo pants with the contrast that is fitted at the knee part with thin embellished lace and flows widely till the end. It is ravishingly decorated with the shiny sequins or antique Mughal motifs that are a reflection of the ancient scenario of when the garment was birthed. Pairing it with the same floral coloured top and a contrasting dupatta will make for an envious style statement.

5. Glistening with those Patiala suits

Patiala suits are an unmatchable and the timeless Indian garment which never failed to win over hearts with simplicity in its purest and most beautiful form, especially in the Northern states of India. When a full floral patterned cotton top is paired with a plain Patiala bottoms and velvet dupatta, then everyone in the room would be in for a treat - an eye candy.

6. Western kaftans/tunics with the traditional floral touch

The tunics are short tops that end up to your waistline, and the kaftans are tunics in the form of a robe. Both these upper wear garments can be changed into versatile outfits when paired with floral leggings or accessories. Don’t be shy to make a bold statement by dressing in a full-on floral look, playing with print on print.

7. Men can speak the language of flowers too!

One of the common misconceptions in the Indian scenario is that florals are only meant for the beautiful ladies out there, and they are too feminine for a guy. But how have times changed for the better! When the right blend of colours and floral patterns are picked and put together, then even the floral men’s wear can be a show-stopper!

Accessorize for that extra glow!

We would have seen many flower-based accessories like ornaments or socks that are just enough to lighten up the day. But there are several options to impress with the floral prints at all times. If you want to make yourself be the star of the evening but are lazy enough to coordinate your garment, then just pick any floral printed accessory and you are ready to rule! You never know the gorgeous grace and style a pretty pink floral headband can give you a sensational look.


Fashion is all about having fun in your beautiful way and embracing all kinds of trending and vintage styles to flaunt every day. Floral prints are one of those classy ways of expressing your inner self vibrantly. Be experimental in every excellent way possible with the floral prints for they are back with a bang to rock the world!

– Posted by Nikitha Terence